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    Blendo Stupendo: An Historical Tapestry

    For many moons, Sterling did not offer blends at all.  We served two single-origin espressos in a rapid rotation, sometimes more than four a week.  After six months, though, we had small amounts of several coffees left over from past offerings, and decided to compose what we cleverly dubbed our "Tail-End Blend", which was exactly what it sounds like. Because all the coffees in the blend were high-quality, the blend was high-quality, but it also changed quite a lot from week to week.  We thought it would be fun to change the name of the blend every time the blend changed, so over the course of a few months we featured many, many different blends.  Of those, our favorite name was the Blendo Stupendo because it said best what we wanted our blend to be: charming and delicious.

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